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Two ways that you can own a Mazama guitar. 

Custom Built Guitar

One of the greatest benefits of having a guitar custom built for you is that you get a one-of-a-kind high quality instrument that is designed to meet your specific playability requirements, playing style, musical styles, and aesthetic preferences. The process of building a custom guitar is very interactive.

The most important part of the process is for me to to understand how you will be playing the guitar. What musical styles do you play? What playing techniques (fingerstyle, flat picking, etc.) do you use? Do you have a light touch or a heavy touch? Will you be playing the guitar in low volume settings or in high volume amplified settings?

It's just as important to understand your preferences for dimensional specifications such as the nut width, scale length, string spacing a the saddle, and thickness and profile of the neck. Once those factors are known, we can decide on woods that would help achieve your tonal goals. During the build process, I keep all these factors in mind to optimize the performance of the guitar to match how you will be playing it.

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