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Guitar, octave mandolin, and
mandocello models

I build three guitar models, two octave mandolin models and one mandocello model, all of which are my own designs. The guitars include a parlor guitar, an OM-sized model, and a slope-shoulder style dreadnought. One of the octave mandolins is parlor guitar-size and the other is the size of a baritone ukulele. The mandocello can be a four-course or five-course instrument.

While each model has a base configuration, many options in tonewoods and appointments are available. In addition, specifications such as nut width, scale length, string spacing at the saddle, and neck profile are all modifiable to suit your specific playing needs. This means that every guitar I build is unique in its specifications and aesthetics.

Meadowlark parlor guitar

This is a small bodied guitar with a 12th fret neck-body joint. The compact body makes it very comfortable to hold and play. Parlor guitars may not have the deep bass of a large bodied guitar, but they don't lack in overall volume. It has balanced lo-mids, mids, and highs that are fully present. The Meadowlark is great for fingerstyle playing in a variety of musical styles.

Kingfisher OM-size guitar

The Kingfisher was my first guitar design and is a mid-size body that is about an inch narrower across the lower bout than a dreadnought, but has the same body depth. With appropriate choices of top wood and bracing, it can be built with an emphasis for fingerstyle playing, for flat picking, or a hybrid of the two. It has a 14th fret neck body joint and can built with or without a cutaway.


Osprey dreadnought

The Osprey is my take on the classic slope-shoulder dreadnought design. Dreadnoughts are a great choice for flat picking, but also make fine fingerstyle guitars. I can build this guitar to favor one or the other playing style or as a hybrid.


Blackbird Mandocello

The Blackbird mandocello can be built with the standard four-courses of unison-pair strings with the same tuning as a cello, or as a five-course instrument with an added E-course on top. The flattop acoustic guitar body gives it a full sound with a lot of sustain. 

IMG_0919 edited.jpg

Towhee Octave Mandolin

The Towhee is a parlor guitar-size flat top octave mandolin. It has four courses of unison pair strings tuned one octave below the standard tuning of a mandolin. This places its voice in the range of a guitar but with the characteristic sound of the unison string pairs of a mandolin.

IMG_0856 afdj.jpg

Hummingbird Octave Mandolin

This is a small-bodied octave mandolin similar in size to a baritone ukulele. It has four courses of unison pair strings tuned one octave below the standard tuning of a mandolin. The compact size of this instrument makes it very portable.

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